Airbrush 101 Class

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Got a new airbrush and scared to use it? Want to take your painting to the next level? Got some of the basics down but need a hand with what to do next?

This is the class that you want to start out in, Airbrushing for NEWBS, brought to you by Marc of RM Miniature Studios. Marc will be on hand to give you an introductory airbrush class including classic do’s and “NEVER DO THAT EVER!”

Some Needs to Know:

What To Bring:
Everything you need to paint (compressor, airbrush, hoses, spray out bottle, gloves, etc).
What you want to paint (bring any model you want to work on, bring art spheres and cubes, bring anything).
Your paint and paint accessories (thinner, airbrush cleaner)
What we will have: Power outlets and some paper towel. You bring the rest!
Arrive on time and be ready to go for 10.

If you are looking to start airbrushing, this is the perfect class to start with, even if you’re unsure and just need a helping hand, this is for you. Drop by Hooded and speak with the Staff and they’ll get you what you need to get started.

** This is not a bring and fix my stuff event, this is strictly a “learning to airbrush class”

There are limited spots available (8 – 10 max) so make sure you call and reserve your spot (by paying). Class is on March 31st from 10-4.