Batman Arkham City Batman Statue

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Sculpted by Dave Cortes

You’d have to be committed to Arkham Asylum to not want this monochromatic statue of the Dark Knight poised for battle, based on the advertising campaign and packaging for the best-selling, critically acclaimed video game BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY.
Statue measures approximately 10" tall.

Batman is dressed in a grey costume and black costume, and is equipped with a blood-red batarang. Batman is a noted detective and strategist, and is among the most capable physical combatants on the planet. In addition to defending Gotham City against an array of depraved super villains, Batman serves as a core member and chief coordinator of the Justice League. In Arkham City, Bruce Wayne is imprisoned in Arkham Asylum by Hugo Strange, gaining his Batman equipment belatedly, and is pitted against the Joker. <