2000PT Mono Faction Highlander

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Join us for our monthly singles ITC event. This time we are going up to 2000 points with one faction, and highlander! Every event goes towards our league standings!


Bust out those list making skills.

Price: $25 (includes lunch - members save!)

List Building Restrictions:

Highlander: Except Troops, all choices are 0-1.

Mono Faction:
Choose any one faction: Your entire army must be from this faction.
Choose one sub-action: You can only benefit from the sub faction bonuses and use the stratagems of your sub-faction choice. Your warlord must be this sub-faction (but you can take other units in your army that are not this sub-faction).

Example: Choose Aeldari as your main faction, and Ulthwe as your subfaction. You can now only benefit from the Ulthwe subfaction bonus, your warlord has to be Ulthwe, and you can use generic, generic Craftworlds, and Ulthwe strategems only.

Ynnari is banned from this event.

Format: ITC Championship Missions, with Code of Conduct in full effect.

Required: You must have your rulebook, your codexes, printed army list x2, and all relevant FAQs for your army. Print outs of your rulebook are allowed.

Note: if you do not have these items you automatically lose any rules discussions in regards to your army.

Not Allowed: Any electronic devices larger than an Ipad.

Schedule: (2 Hour and 45m rounds)
Lists submitted 2 days before event! All rules updates 4 days before event are used.

9:30am: Doors Open
10:00am - 12:45pm: First round on the dot.
12:45pm - 3:30pm: Round Two
3:30pm - 6:15pm: Round Three
6:20pm: Prizing

Prizing: Raffle System

For every entry we add in all collected fees minus lunch and add them towards a prize wall (we absorb the Tax). The raffle system is quite simple:

Win: 3 Tickets
Tie: 2 Tickets
Loss : 1 Ticket

Painting: 1 Ticket for every 10 points on our painting rubric.

1st place in the swiss standings always gets first pick! And then it is raffle time!

We aim to have prizes for half of the attending players!

Painting Rubric is here: https://hoodedgoblin.com/pages/painting-rubric

FAQ: Can I take...
Just message the TO. But here are some examples:

Assassins: if you use the stratagem to add them to a detachment without breaking the mono faction rule then you are fine.

Summoning: You can use reserve point summoning to break the mono faction and highlander rules. Something a little extra to help summoners out there.

Vigilus Specialist Detachments: You can apply a vigilus specialist detachments, as long as all the detachments are the same before adding the Specialist Detachment on top. <