Battalion Brawl Ticket

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Join us for our monthly Warhammer 40k Doubles tournament.

The rules are simple:
Each player has 1000 points.
Each player is restricted to 1 battalion.

HIGHLANDER: Besides troops, all units are 0-1 choices. This is across both armies. (For example, between the two players on the team there can only be 1 riptide even if both players are playing Tau)

No Lords of War.
No Super Heavies.
No Forge World units over 200 points.
No Ynnari.

The goal is fun!

Price: $15 per player (Includes Pizza Lunch)
Please buy your ticket via the ticket link to reserve your spot.

There is room for 16 teams

Schedule: (2hr and a half hour rounds, with 15m for setup)
Lists submitted 2 days before event! All rules updates 4 days before event are used.

9am: Doors Open
9:30am - 12:00pm: First round
12:15pm - 2:45pm: Round Two
3:00pm - 5:30pm: Round Three
5:30pm: Prizing

Dice down at the end of the round.
Players may use the time between rounds to setup and get ready for the first player turn!

Prizing: Raffle System

For every entry we add in all collected fees minus lunch and add them towards a prize wall (we absorb the Tax). The raffle system is quite simple:

Win: 3 Tickets
Tie: 2 Tickets
Loss : 1 Ticket

Painting: 1 Ticket for every 10 points on our painting rubric.

1st place in the swiss standings always gets first pick! And then it is raffle time!

We aim to have prizes for half of the attending players!

Painting Rubric is here:

How many command points?
Each team has 13 CP that they share. If you have a unit that adds command points then you can go above 13.

Do aura's apply to my teammate?
Yes! They are allies. All normal rules apply though.

How do we deploy?
All missions use the chapter approved method of deploying.

What is the deployment?
Dawn of War, Search and Destroy, Front Line Assault and Vanguard Strike are rolled on randomly.

Deep striking and reserves?
You total reserves together, so one player could in theory have their entire 1000pts in reserve.

Any tips?
Try and play quickly. For example, have one player from each team watch one player and then have them move, shoot, etc simultaneously.

Where to Registers?
We put all of our events on BCP. You can check scores, upload lists, and register teams there!