Middle Earth SBG Event

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Event tickets are non-refundable.

Join us for our monthly event, now with a 1000pts! We are also starting a bit earlier.
We will also begin tracking event results for our league. This will be leading up to a big event in the fall.
Time: Doors open at 9:30AM. First round is at 10AM
Player Cap: 18
Rounds: 3 2.5hr rounds
Cost: $25, includes pizza lunch.
Every game you earn raffle tickets! First place in the swiss is always first pick!
Win: 3
Tie: 2
Loss: 1
Painting Score: Every 10pts is worth 1 ticket!
Rubric here: https://hoodedgoblin.com/pages/painting-rubric
Each person can only win once.
Prize Pool:
Every dollar in entry fees is added to the prize pool (minus lunch)
Last time we gave away over $300 in prizes!
If we max out expect to battle for some seriously awesome prizes.
We are going to be using missions from the book as well as testing our new, self made mission pack. Stay tuned!
We only use missions from the book that have objectives. So make sure you are building to fight over them!