40K RTT: 2000 PTS

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Event tickets are non-refundable.

Price: $25 (no longer includes lunch, that is handled by our cafe)

Schedule: (2 Hour and 45m rounds with 15m breaks)
Lists submitted 4 days before event! All rules updates 4 days before event are used. (No list means a yellow card)

9am: Doors Open
9:15am - 12:00pm: First round
12:15pm - 3:00pm: Round Two
3:00pm - 5:45pm: Round Three
6:00pm - Prizing

Prizing - Prize Wall filled with items. The top 5 plays will each get to pick one item, with a value based on their ranking:

1st: Up to 120
2nd: Up to 100
3rd: Up to 70
4th: Up to 50
5th: Up to 30
Best Painted: 4 paints

Brackets are based on the price of models.

Army Composition:

General Rules:
ITC missions, clock rules, and player conduct rules.
Must be battle forged
WYSIWYG is strictly enforced. Please ask in advance if you need an exception.
There is no painting minimum, but there are painting prizes.
However, if you have two chapters/sub factions of a faction in the same army, you MUST have these marked differently.
Please no electric devices larger than and IPad.
Have all your books and faqs!