Isengard™ Commanders

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If Orcs are the foulest creatures to walk Middle-earth then the Uruk-hai are the most dangerous perversion of the breed. Where ordinary Orcs are crook-limbed and timid, the Uruk-hai are strong, muscular, upright warriors of greater skill and courage. Equipped with flame-forged armour and brutal blades from the forges of Isengard, the Uruk-hai march to war against the Free People of Middle-earth. They care not for land or possessions, nor for homes and families; they simply kill all in their path in pursuit of endless war and the taste of raw man-flesh. Amongst these brutal warriors are the Captains and heralds of Isengard - bred by Saruman to lead his armies into battle, inspiring their fellow Uruk-hai to fight harder and stronger than ever before.

This boxed set contains a set of Isengard Commanders. These models are resin cast miniatures, including an Uruk-hai Captain, a Drummer, a banner bearer, and an Uruk-hai Shaman. They are supplied as 8 separate components, and come with 4 25mm round bases.