Prophecy of the Wolf (delayed)

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  • Format: Multi-part plastic kit
  • Languages: Eng (-60), Fre (-01)
  • Contains 23 plastic Citadel miniatures, 3 of which are brand-new:
    – Ghazghkull Thraka and Makari for Orks, and Ragnar Blackmane for Space Wolves
    – Also includes: 10 Primaris Infiltrators/Incursors (48-97), 5 Ork Nobz and 1 Grot Ammo Runt (50-12), 3 Ork Meganobz and 1 Grot Oiler (50-08)
  • Approx 34% added value
  • Ork and Space Wolves players are going to want this set purely for Ghazghkull and Ragnar