Commander League


Commander League Georgetown

Join us all summer long as we launch our free to play Commander League.

The league is broken into seasons, following the quarters of the year. We will have a short league for the month of June, and then quarter long seasons.
You can play at any time, any day.


At the end of the season, the top 25% of players will all receive prizes. This includes items like Playmats, sleeves, boulder deck boxes, promos, and many other items.

Rules (The twist):
Unlike a normal game of magic, the League will be using an achievement point system. 

Players will sit down for a game and use one our achievement decks to create a random set of achievements for their game. 

Each achievement has a different amount of points. Players will battle it out to claim the different achievements, which are recorded and used to determine player ranks.

The first five games a player plays per week are used to record their scores, and any extra games add 1 point per game (but no additional achievement points).

Want to know more, check out the card system we are using here:


Current Rankings: