1650 Highlander

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Watch the day 2 of LVO and jam some awesome games of 40K! Oh, and battle it out for a Stormraven Gunship!

This month's singles event is 1650 Highlander!

There are no restrictions for this bout, but anything that is not a troop is a 0-1 selection.

Start Time: 10:30
Round Time: 2hrs +15m for Setup.
Rounds: 3
Format: ITC Champions Missions with Code of Conduct
Price: $25 - Includes lunch
Scoring: ITC score (75%) + Painting Rubric (25%)

Prizing: All entry included minus lunch
1st: Stormraven Gunship (WHHHAAT)
2nd: 25%
3rd: 20%
4th: 20%

What about squads?
Squads are fine. Bring those three Leman Russes.

What if I take a nurgle demon prince and tzneetch demon prince?
RAW its fine, but in spirit its iffy. You can do it, but try and be as diverse as possible!

Knights and Ynarri???

We now have a Rubric that accounts for 25% of your score. Check it out here: