40K ITC League

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Join us for a month of ITC matches, where we battle each week to practice, learn, and become better generals.

The entire purpose of the league is to get better and have fun. In order to accomplish this, we have planned an interesting reward structure based on using raffle tickets.

Players will join a tournament with as many rounds as there are weeks in a month. During each week players will play one game against a designated opponent based on your record.

The winner gets 3 tickets, the loser 2, and if you cannot play you both get 1 (a tie results in 2 tickets each).

At the end of the month we do a draw for the prizes, which are $20 for every two players, plus a random $20 prize for anyone who has painted a new unit that they bought from the store.

For example, if 10 players join the league we have a $100 prize pool, which results in 5 $20 prizes to be raffled off.

So, if you are looking to up your game and play some awesome matches join our ITC league.

The set day for battle is Wednesday, but you can gather whenever is convenient.