9th Edition Tournament

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Event tickets are non-refundable.

Welcome to our new mini tournament series.
Price: $30.00
9th edition ITC pointed tournament, using the GT pack and the ITC code of conduct.
3 rounds, 2 and a half hours per round. First round starts at 9:30am. The first round we do 2 hours and 40 minutes to give any stragglers a bit of extra time.
Doors open: 9am
Round 1: 930-12:10
Round 2: 12:30-3:00
Round 3: 3:20-5:50
2000pt strikeforce event. 10 Points for painting will be in effect. We do a gradient score based on how much of your army is painted and how close it is to the GW tabletop standard (3 colours min, wash, highlights, basing).
Forgeworld is Allowed
18 spots.
Each ticket is split the following way:
Each player gets a $5 food/drink voucher
$6 of each ticket goes towards terrain, cleaning, and maintenance
The remaining $19 is put into a prize pool:
1st: 35%
2nd: 30%
3rd: 20%
4th: 15%
Wooden Spoon: A couple of dice to hopefully bring you some better luck!
All players get 10% off purchases made beyond prizing, 15% for members.
Face Masks are mandatory. If you are feeling ill please stay home. Put the safety of others first. Make sure your facemask is not the kind with vents. We sell masks if you cannot get one.
Hand sanitizer will be provided.
Tables are disinfected between rounds.
Social distancing is enforced.
We take the temperatures of each player if they look unwell.
And we have a vent system separate from our AC that pulls out the air and dumps it outside.
3D printing:
You may have 3D printed bases, bits, guns, and things to make your army cool.
You may have a cool 3D printed character, as long as it is printed to a high fidelity and does not violate copyright laws. You must bring the normal GW model with you.
Direct copies of models are not allowed.
Other Sources for Models:
We allow models from other companies, like Creature Caster or other games. Just ask for approval beforehand.
In general we allow counts as but no copies. Chinacast models are banned, for example.
If you want to use a counts as, please have the GW model on hand, and the counts as model cannot model for advantage.
Please have no outside food or drink. We have a full licensed cafe. If you have dietary restrictions let us know.
Thank you!