Age of Sigmar Progression League

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Lets all dive into Age of Sigmar and get some armies painted and ready to go. And to help us get there, we are introducing a progression League with some pretty awesome benefits.

The rules are simple. In the month of August commit to making a new army, or paint an unpainted one. We will all have until the end of November to finish and paint a 2000 point army, with lots of events and prizes along the way.

On August 5th we wil bel kicking off the league with our single mini painting contest (you can still pick up the mini for free). Then, everyone can start picking their army. At the end of August we then have our first battle day, with more dates to follow.

We will also be playing games of AoS all day on the 5th, but this is a kickoff day so bring whatever you want (as we are all just getting started).

Cost: $25
Dates: August 5th until November 25th, with progression events to be announced separately.

To join the league it will cost $25. However, as you make progression in your army you will earn plenty of prizes for your entry fee.

Prizes and Perks:

Anyone who has seen the Black Knight Games Call to Arms will know how this works (check out their league and store, its pretty awesome!). Painting, acquiring, and playing your new army earns you rewards at the end of the league:

Paint a Battleline Unit.
Paint a Leader Unit.
Paint a Centerpiece Model.
Purchase hobby supplies (over $30).
Purchase a unit for your army.
Play in a progression event.
Play in all of our progression events.
Finish 500 pts of your army.
Finish 1000 pts of your army.
Finish 2000 pts your army.

Hitting any of these achievements will earn you $5, with a maximum value of $50 at the end of the league.

Achievements will be tracked at the store, so make sure to let us know when you hit them, and good luck!