Battalion Brawl Ticket

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Join us for our new monthly Warhammer 40k Doubles tournament.

The rules are simple: 
Each player has 800 points.
Each player is restricted to 1 battalion.
No Lords of War.
No Super Heavies.
No Forge World.
No Ynnari.

The goal is fun!

Price: $15 per player or $30 per team (Includes Pizza Lunch)

There is room for 12 teams.

Best Sportsmanship
Best General
Best Painted
Coolest Model
Best overall (standing, sportsmanship, and painting combined)

Each prize is worth 20% of the prize pool. $10 per player is added to the prize pool. These are all team based prizes except coolest model.

Further Details:
Round Time: 2hrs with 15 minutes for setup.
First round starts at 11, so be here at 10:30!
Please send your army lists by Saturday, and bring multiple copies of your list printed, so your opponent can have a copy during the game.