Battleforce 2018 Space Marines: Primaris Interdiction Force

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The set includes the following units:

  • 1 Primaris Captain, who can be armed with either a master-crafted bolt rifle or master-crafted stalker bolt rifle. The miniature comes with a choice or bare head or helmet, and it can be assembled to be pointing or wielding a power sword.
  • 10 Primaris Intercessors, which can be equipped with any of their primary weapon options – a bolt rifle, stalker bolt rifle or auto bolt rifle.
  • 10 Primaris Reivers, each of which can be armed with a heavy bolt pistol and long combat knife or a bolt carbine. All of them can be also be equipped with grav-chutes and/or grapnel launcher for even greater tactical flexibility.
  • 3 Primaris Inceptors, who can be assembled with a pair of fearsome assault bolters or plasma exterminators.
  • 1 Repulsor Tank, the kit for which includes all of its available weapon options.
  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.
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