Magic: The Gathering - Mystery Booster Display (24 Count)

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The idea of the Mystery Booster is that you don’t know what cards you are going to get until you open it up; the mystery is a feature of the product! With reprints from all throughout Magic the Gathering’s history, these cards are the perfect gift for any Magic fan. The cards have a white planeswalker symbol in the bottom left, meaning that these are fresh prints designed to look like the original cards.

• Revisit popular and fun mechanics from years gone by.
• Contains mostly reprinted cards from earlier sets.
• 121 possible foil cards to collect.

Each Booster Contains:
• 1 x Multi Colour Common or Uncommon
• 2 x Green Commons or Uncommons
• 2 x White Commons or Uncommons
• 2 x Black Commons or Uncommons
• 2 x Blue Commons or Uncommons
• 2 x Red Commons or Uncommons
• 2 x Rare or Mythic Rare
• 1 x Artifact or Land
• 1 x Foil Card <