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Star Wars X-Wing: Resistance Maneuver Dial Kit

Star Wars X-Wing: Resistance Maneuver Dial Kit

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“We are the spark that’ll light the fire that’ll burn the First Order down.”
   –Poe Dameron, Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The Empire may be gone, but its shadow still looms large across the galaxy. As X-Wing™ Second Edition  ushers in a new era of starfighter combat in the Star Wars galaxy, the pilots of the Resistance aim to rekindle hope as they carry on the legacy of the Rebel Alliance. 

Carrying on the torch first lit by the Rebellion against the Empire, the Resistance remains ever vigilant in its fight to maintain peace throughout the galaxy. With these expansions, you’re invited to join a new generation of heroes and experience the intense space combat seen in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi from behind the controls of these upgraded versions of iconic ships.

Beginning in X-Wing Second Edition, the Resistance has been spun off from the Rebel Alliance into its own distinct faction and, if you’re a veteran X-Wing player with an existing collection of ships, the Resistance Conversion Kit will bring your T-70 X-wing, YT-1300, and Resistance Bomber ships into the second edition, giving you everything you need to build your own Resistance squadrons. Then, whether you're a new player or a veteran, you’ll be able to grow your squadrons with two Resistance starfighter expansion packs, representing a new generation of pilots and ships in the ongoing Star Wars saga.


Although the Resistance may share similar goals with the former Rebellion, it is still a separate entity and you can signal this difference with the Resistance Maneuver Dial Upgrade Kit.

During every game of X-Wing Second Edition, you will secretly select the maneuvers for your ships on cardboard maneuver dials. In each maneuver dial upgrade kit, you’ll find three plastic protectors that enclose these maneuver dials in a secure housing while enhancing the aesthetics of your squadron and declaring your resistance to the First Order. Not only does every dial clearly indicate your defiant spirit, they also include a space on the back to insert one of the dial ID tokens included in the Resistance Conversion Kit. Each dial ID token displays the silhouette of the corresponding ship, making it even easier to differentiate between your ships.


The Resistance will continue the fight against tyranny and oppression no matter the cost. Expand your games of X-Wing Second Edition and stoke the fires of resistance! 

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