X-Wing 2.0 Tournament

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Event tickets are non-refundable.

Lets battle some 2.0 Extended! Second Saturday every month!

That means all ships that have 2.0 rules are good to use! (ships in the conversion kits, for example).

Bust out those new ships! Cant wait to see them on the table!

Price: $10
We order pizza as well, for an additional $5 (2 slices and a pop)

Registration begins at 11am, first flight fires at 11:30. 70 Minute Rounds. Round number based on attendance.

Prizing: Deluxe OP kits, normal kits, and whatever kits are still left. First place always gets first pick!

Extended: 200pts
FFG X-Wing Tournament Rules: Bring squad list, you can find it in the tournament resource section

Please bring lists and battle maps! <