Report from the Fifth Sphere #1

A Costly Victory

On the fringe planet of Ko'Lash in the Fifth Sphere of expansion the Tau have been mounting a daring resistance against an onslaught of Death Guard.

Fire rained from above as fleets hammered the Tau position, and hordes of death and decay slowly overran the first defensive boundary of the Tau.

Against such slaughter only a tactical delay was possible, and it was achieved. The first phase of the masterful Tau battle plan has been set in motion, and the time that was earned has solidified the next wave of defenses. Reinforcements arrive, and the Tau are ready to push back.

The Imperium Takes Notice

If the massive Death Guard fleet wasn't enough, the Imperium has finally woken up to the Tau presence in Imperial space. An advance force of Ultramarine's and Adeptus Mechanicus have been systematically probing Tau defenses. 

While they were pushed back, it was almost too easy. No massive force of Astra Militarum has been spotted. Other motives besides the recapture of Imperial space may be bringing the will of the Emperor to the Fifth Sphere.

Impending Doom

Beset on all sides, a new threat emerges, one that only means war. What appears to be an asteroid has blipped onto long range screens, with all the hallmarks of Ork signatures. The tide of war is fast approaching, and the Tau move to intercept the Orks as they hurtle towards Tau Space.


Dark Motives

Moving in secret and cutting like a knife in the dark, Necron forces attack and advance in unpredictable patterns. What they are truly attempting to accomplish is unknown, but whatever it is they have been successful so far in pursuing it. 


Where we stand now

The Tau find themselves assailed on all sides from multiple enemies. The Death Guard aim to drive right through the Tau lines, while the Imperium appear to assessing and gathering intelligence. The Orks are erupting from deep space to bring the Green Tide, and the Necrons and other factions plot and scheme greater designs than conquering some backwater planet. 

This week we will be playing a new mission starting on Wednesday, with an array of different objectives based on faction choices. Stay tuned for Wednesday and see you all on the battlefield.

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