Selling to The Hooded Goblin:

Magic Cards:

Selling to us is easy. We offer three different tiers for non bulk cards:

  • Card Credit: 70%
  • Store Credit: 50%
  • Cash: 30%

Bulk Cards are priced as follows:

  • Commons/Uncommons: $1 / 1000
  • Lands: $1 / 1000
  • Rares: $0.10 each
  • Mythics and foil rares: $0.25 each

We also Use Face 2 Face's Hotlist for desired cards, which you can reference here.


We buy comic collections. Bring in your collection and we will estimate a price. 

Board Games:

We also buy used Board Games. Board Games have to be in excellent condition. We pay 25% of the current price in Store Credit.

The same applies to used Warhammer and other miniature games.

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