The Fifth Sphere of Expansion Campaign Begins

Welcome to our first Narrative Campaign. With the release of the new Tau Codex and exciting developments in their narrative, we decided to launch a campaign to explore what is happening in the Nam'yar Atoll!


The Setting:

The Fifth Sphere of Expansion is in full swing. Commander Shadowsun has passed through the Startide Nexus and consolidated the efforts of the forces of the Fourth expansion. The Imperium is currently distracted by an onslaught of Chaos, giving the Tau an opportunity to expand their holdings in Imperium Space.

However, Shadowsun's forces have been put on the defensive by the sudden appearance of a massive Death Guard fleet. Knowing that the Startide Nexus leads right back the heartland of Tau space, a fervent defensive is mobilized to protect the wormhole at all costs.

This is where we enter. It is the height of opportunity for Tau expansion, but also a dire time where a single misstep could spell calamity for the entire Tau collective.

Choose your side, and join our narrative.

Campaign Details:

It is up to the player to decide what side they will take. Join the Tau in expanding and defending the Nam'yar Atoll, or join anyone else as they battle against the Fifth Sphere of Expansion.

Players will have two weeks to play a game. Depending on their faction choice, they will take a role in a variety of missions to expand or assault the Tau position. 

Each battle will be logged, and added to a score for each Narrative Game turn, which takes two weeks. This will dictate whether the Tau's Fifth Sphere will expand or contract on a variety of fronts, and also benefit or impact players for the next narrative turn.

Players in the campaign can also play players not in the campaign to log their bi-weekly battles. These battles have less of an impact on the narrative of the campaign, but can help a faction achieve points and strategic narrative objectives (they also help others not in the campaign experience it).

The First Two Weeks:

As we start the campaign, the first two week will put us directly into the heart of the current narrative. Shadowsun and the Death Guard are fighting over the fringes of the Nay'mar Atoll.

This is our introductory campaign mission. Tau players (and those who choose to ally to the Tau), will take the role of defenders against the forces of Chaos (and Necrons/Dark Elves/Orks/Tyrannids) in either a Crucible of War Meat Grinder or Planetary Strike Mission. 

On Wednesdays we will have a pre-made battlefield for players to use, but on any other day players can make a map however they want!

Will the Tau's expansions hold against the onslaught? Lets find out!