The Fifth Sphere, Turn Two

The Fifth Sphere, Turn Two

Last post we went over the results of week 1, this week we delve into a suite of new missions.

1. Orks in SPAAAACE!

The Orks are arriving into the Fifth Sphere on a speeding half asteroid, half ORK thing. Anyone who goes to battle them uses the following rules:

Low Gravity:

Feel the bounce of space: all infantry get +1 to movement and +1 charges.

Deployment: Space Assault

The defending player (Orks) chooses a side, and deploys within 12 inches of the table edge.

The attacking player is coming in hot. They can deploy anywhere else on the map, remaining 9 inches away from enemy models. If they deploy a unit in a building or within 12 inches of the enemy deployment zone roll a die. On a 1 that unit takes a mortal wound.


Defending Player - Jump so High!: 
1CP. Choose a unit. That unit moves twice its normal movement. Roll 4 dice. For each one rolled, a model is flung into space and removed from the game.

Attacking Player - Surgical Strike:
1CP: Put a unit into reserves. At the end of deployment place them anywhere on the table, remaining 9 inches away from any enemy models. For each unit within 10 inches roll a die. On a 6 that unit take a mortal wound. 

Objective: Annihilation

The goal is to wipe out the Orks, or for the Orks to do what Orks do. 

At the end of the fifth round tally up the power level of all defeated units. The player who destroyed the most wins.

2. The Tau Counter Offensive

The Tau are mustering their reinforcements. They have lured in the Death Guard are ready to strike back and execute the Kauyon. As dawn breaks the trap is unleashed

Night Fighting:

For the first round of combat, -1 to all shooting.


The attacker (Tau) deploys in A, and the defender in B.


Attacking Player - Kauyon:
1CP - Choose a commander (or HQ) at the start of your turn. They perform a Kauyon (Until the end of the turn, you can re-roll failed hit rolls for friendly <sept> (or  other similar faction keyword) units withing 6 inches of the commander). This is in addition to the normal amount that commander can do.

Defending Player - Hunker Down:
1CP - Choose a unit that has not shot this turn. That unit digs in and forfeits their shooting phase. -1 to all shooting against that unit.


5 Turns, with random game end.
Slay the Warlord
Your objective is to wipe out the opponent and not let them escape. Destroy them completely. 1 Victory point for every unit destroyed

Escape! Get your forces into the enemy's zone. 1 Victory Point at the end of the game for each unit alive in a an enemy starting zone.


3. Gathering Intel - Storming Base Tash'Var

The forces of the Imperium and Necrons harry the edges of the Fifth Sphere, striking points of weakness while they observe and collect data on the Tau defenses (and whatever it seems to motivate the Necrons).

Anyone can play this scenario. Both forces find themselves fighting over the shelled remains of Base Tash'Var, which was utterly destroyed by heavy orbital bombardment from the Deathguard Fleet.

Like vultures over a corpse the opposing armies are converging on the base, hoping to secure datacores, maps, and other valuable pieces of intel. 

Deployment Zone:

This mission uses the Hammer and Anvil Deployment from the Core Rulebook. In the "no-mans" land in the center of the map try and place many buildings and pieces of terrain to simulate a hub or base that would contain military or other nefarious secrets.

(The idea is to have both players fight and explore the ruins in the center of the map, trying to capture pieces of information).

Points of Interest:

This battle is a spin-off of capture the relic. But instead of placing 1 objective marker use six. Randomize and place the markers in a pile face down. 

Each player takes turns placing a marker into the undeployed zone, preferably into a building, Keep the markers at least 6 inches apart.


Both players are fighting over the intel inside base Tash'Var. Similar to capture the Relic, when a player's infantry contacts an objective they may pick it up. Unlike the Relic mode, infantry units with a piece of intel may embark into a transport.

The force that has the most points at the end of the game wins. However, not all pieces of intel are worth the same.

Value of each objective: 
1, 2 = 1 Point
3, 4 = 2 Points
5, 6 = 3 Points 


Hack: 2cp - You may trade a piece of intel in your possession with any unclaimed, unrevealed piece of intel on the map. This may be done once per game.

Forward Scouts: 2cp - You may put an infantry unit into reserves at the start of the game. At the end of movement on one of your turns you may place that unit within 9 inches of a table edge in the undeployed area (including turn one). This may be used once per game.

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