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Star Wars Legion: - General Veers Commander Expansion

Star Wars Legion: - General Veers Commander Expansion

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“General, prepare your troops for a surface attack.
   –Darth Vader, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Take your Imperial ground assaults to the next level—Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the General Veers Commander Expansion for Star Wars™: Legion!

Imperial commanders will soon have more options than ever before when they choose who will lead their troops into combat—General Veers, the first new commander for the Imperial forces, is coming soon to Star Wars: Legion. An expert in ground combat, and especially noted for his use of walkers in the surface attack on Hoth, General Veers is well acquainted with leading the Empire’s finest into battle against insurgents such as the Rebel Alliance.

Within the General Veers Commander Expansion, you’ll find all the materials that you need to add General Veers to your army as a commander—leading an army on his own or standing side-by-side with another Imperial commander, such as Darth Vader. This expansion pack offers an unpainted General Veers miniature and his three personal command cards, inviting you to bring Veers’ personal touch to the Imperial armies that you lead into battle. What’s more, like other Unit Expansions for Star Wars: Legion, this Commander Expansion includes a unit card for General Veers and an assortment of upgrade cards that you can use to equip General Veers or another unit for battle in even the most hostile environments.


Some commanders, such as Darth Vader, are fearsome combatants on the battlefield, making a striking impact simply by their mere presence on the battlefield. While Darth Vader may cleave his way through Rebel troopers using his lightsaber mastery and his prowess over the Force, General Veers plays an equally pivotal role by inspiring your other units to greater heights.

General Veers is far from incapable of participating in direct combat. His E-11 Blaster Rifle gives him a powerful ranged attack, and even if caught in hand-to-hand combat, Veers’s combat expertise is sufficient to continue dealing out damage. Still, General Veers’s most potent abilities come into play when he is coordinating the attack from the front lines. For example, General Veers bears the Spotter 2 ability—as an action, he can choose two friendly units at Range 1 and grant each of those units an aim token. By spotting and choosing targets for powerful units like the AT-ST, General Veers can have an undeniable impact on the shape of the battlefield.

General Veers uses his Spotter 2 ability to grant aim tokens to two nearby units.

With General Veers, Imperial players suddenly have options when choosing a commander for their armies—or potentially even fielding both General Veers and Darth Vader in the same army. An army may have up to two units with the commander rank, and when issuing orders during the Command Phase, you’ll choose one of your two commanders and issue the orders from that unit. You may even find that General Veers is ideal for issuing orders while you send Darth Vader charging into the fray—especially if you upgrade Veers with a Commanding Presence, enabling him to issue orders at up to Range 4!

General Veers also comes with an array of three unique command cards, which you have the option of including in your hand of seven carefully chosen command cards, provided you have General Veers in your army. Each of these command cards speaks to General Veers’s nature as a cunning tactician and a skilled commander of vehicles… and your opponent may soon learn that Imperial discipline is capable of shaking off the effects of any suppressive fire.

We’ll take a closer look at all of General Veers’s command cards and everything included in the General Veers Commander Expansion in a future preview!


You may be leading the assault on Hoth, or you may be fighting on one of the countless other battlefields of the Galactic Civil War, leading the mighty Imperial war machine into battle wherever you find it. Take command of your forces and crush the Rebellion under your boot!

You can look for the General Veers Commander Expansion (SWL10) in the first quarter of 2018!

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