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Warhammer 40K: Autarch Skyrunner

Warhammer 40K: Autarch Skyrunner

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Aeldari Autarchs are blessed with a total innate understanding of the mechanics - and art - of war. Natural leaders, their presence on the battlefield means an Aeldari army will function as a pure, optimal machine of battle, synchronising and dominating with the tactics handed down from Farseer advisors. To an Autarch, there is no greater victory than demonstrating every aspect of Khaine's might at once, and proving the supremacy of the Aeldari.

This multi-part plastic and resin nineteen component kit contains everything you need to make one Aeldari Autarch, riding a jetbike. Armed with a shuriken catapult, the model also has the option of either a power sword, laser lance or fusion blasters, with these four weapon options ensuring your model's uniqueness in the field. Included in the box is one small flying base.

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