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Chessex Festive Polyhedral 7-Die Set (Violet/White)

Chessex Festive Polyhedral 7-Die Set (Violet/White)

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Standard RPG 16mm full sized dice set, marked with numbers. Violet dice is a purple dice with a mix of purple, pink and black, along with white numbers. The festive dice have the splendid effect of multiple colors being swirled together. This one is also black light (UV) reactive. This set contains : 1 four-sided dice (d4), 1 six-sided dice (d6), 1 eight-sided dice (d8), 1 ten-sided dice (d10), 1 percentile dice (d%), 1 twelve-sided dice (d12) and 1 twenty-sided dice (d20).

  • Material: Acrylic
  • Weight: 50 gr
  • Dimensions: 16 × 16 × 16 mm (0.63 x 0.63 x 0.63 in)
  • Origin: Germany
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