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Dc Super Hero Girls: Spaced Out

Dc Super Hero Girls: Spaced Out

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There’s a new student at Super Hero High in DC Super Hero Girls: Spaced Out, and she’s about to take some of her new friends on an out-of-this-world mission as DC Super Hero Girls joins the DC Zoom lineup!

Earth’s new Green Lantern, Jessica Cruz, must report to Oa and introduce herself to the Green Lantern Corps—as if learning new powers and being the new girl at Super Hero High weren’t enough! Luckily, some of her new friends are willing to accompany her. But when they arrive, instead of the Green Lantern Corps they find General Zod, Faora, and Non. While the spacefaring girls take on this intergalactic threat, the Earthbound students are faced with their own challenge—pet-sitting Krypto! It’s Kryptonian chaos across the universe!

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