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Die Hard Poly Rpg Dice Set - Glow I/T Dark Spectral Golem

Die Hard Poly Rpg Dice Set - Glow I/T Dark Spectral Golem

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Spectral Golem dice combine a statue-like stony appearance in light conditions, but don't blink! In the dark, these dice glow with phantasmal energies! 

These dice look like ghosts or radioactive zombies -- we think you're going to love them!


UV light charges glow-in-the-dark things super quickly. You can find a good "UV flashlight" on Amazon for about $10 and you'll be amazed how fast you can charge your dice. Just don't shine that flashlight in anyone's eyes, okay.

 Material: Glow-in-the-Dark resin with antiqued surface paint treatment
• Standard 7 piece RPG dice set
• Regular 16mm size for polymer dice, not XS or XL, details below
• Numbers painted in black
• Grants about two inches of "Dark Vision" to player characters for 60 seconds


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