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Dragon Ball Super 09 Starter Deck #11 Instinct Surpassed

Dragon Ball Super 09 Starter Deck #11 Instinct Surpassed

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The Greatest Warriors in the Universe Assemble! The Final Series in the Infinite Unity Block!

Series 9’s theme is "the greatest warriors in the universe!" - Your favorites are all here! Series 9 features the strongest characters in the history of Dragon Ball! Goku, Cell, Frieza, Jiren, Buu - support for each color and plenty of deck types!

The conclusion of Infinite Unity - All combinations are here!
Series 9 completes the Infinite Unity Block with Series 7 and Series 8. Series 9 introduces Red/Blue and Green/Yellow cards for the first time!

Each starter deck has 5 exclusive card types including 2 with silver foil and a gold stamp! -4 more exclusives are silver foil!

• Ready to play 51 card deck
• Play Sheet
• Play Manual
Exclusive Starter Deck Cards

• Silver Foil/Gold Stamp Leader x1
• Silver Foil/Gold Stamp Card x1
• Silver Foil Cards x4
• Non-foil Cards x3

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