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Dwarf Commanders

Dwarf Commanders

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The Dwarfs of Erebor are hardy and fierce, tempered by years of war against the Easterlings and Khandish, and their constant strivings against the Orcs from Mordor and the Goblins that infest Middle-earth. Dwarves are trained to fight in their youth, taking to the field of battle in kinbands next to wise veterans, who impart expertise gained through constant combat. This training creates skilful soldiers and a fighting spirit as strong as the mail that protects them. Amongst these Dwarves are the Captains and heralds of the Dwarven Holds - those who have fought for many years against The Dark Lord Sauron, and who now lead the armies of the Dwarf Kingdoms into battle, inspiring their kin to fight to the very last. 

This boxed set contains a set of Dwarf Commanders. These models are resin cast miniatures, including a Dwarf Captain, a Warrior with war horn, a banner bearer, and a Shieldbearer. They are supplied as five separate components, and come with four 25mm round bases.
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