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Grandpa Beck's Games

Grandpa Beck’s Golf Card Game

Grandpa Beck’s Golf Card Game

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Finally, a game with a golf theme that is fun for the whole family! It’s not a replication of golf mechanics but, “Like Golf, the Low Score Wins!” Easy enough for all ages! Challenging enough for everyone to enjoy! Do you have the lowest score? Take the risk and expose your last card!

There are two ways to lower your score in Grandpa Beck's Golf

Each player puts nine cards into play in a grid pattern.  The remaining cards are face down as the Draw Pile.  Choose any two cards to flip up prior to beginning play.  There are two ways to lower your score, you can either collect low-value cards OR you can eliminate rows of identical black cards.

Play continues clockwise.  Each turn you may choose a card from the draw pile or discard pile. The hand continues until one player has turned all of his or her cards face up.  The remaining players get one last turn, and then scores are tallied for the hand.  Rotate the dealer to the left, and the game is over when each player has dealt a hand.  The lowest score wins!  

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