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Hooded Goblin RTT

Hooded Goblin RTT

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RTTs are back at the Hooded Goblin!

Come play on the terrain sets that were used for our Major. These events require masks and vaccination.

We will be testing our terrain format 2.0 out.

Cost: 35
Spots: 20

Includes pizza lunch, but players can bring their own lunch if they want to

Round 1: 9:00AM-11:45AM
Round 2: 12:15PM-3:00PM
Round 3: 3:15PM-6:00PM

Prizing/ticket breakdown: $5 per ticket for lunch, $5 per ticket for costs, and $25 of each ticket for prize pool. 

Other info:

Painting is not required, but WWSIWYG is.

We use the WTC Faq rules for the factions, same as the Stud or Snotling.

The latest terrain rules can be found here:

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