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Magic: The Gathering - Unsanctioned

Magic: The Gathering - Unsanctioned

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28th February 2020.

The set consists of five 30-card, preconstructed mono-coloured decks, each designed to synergize with one another in unique and surprising ways. Each player combines two decks into one 60-card deck and faces off against another combined deck for some wacky gameplay that stretches the limits of what Magic cards can do. Unsanctioned contains five combinable 30-card, silver-bordered decks for wacky Un- fun. The set contains sixteen brand-new Un- cards to trip your Un- trigger, plus the reprinting of beloved Un- cards from previous Un- sets. It's unbelievable! Unsanctioned also comes with new full-art black-bordered basic lands that will do the Un- line proud—with a new Un- style and new art.

• Brand new, fun way to play Magic: The Gathering against your friends.
• Sixteen brand new never seen before cards.
• Five preconstructed decks.

• 10 x Full-art basic lands (5 regular, 5 premium)
• 10 x Double-sided tokens
• 5 x 30-card decks
• 2 x Six-sided dice
• 1 x Box
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