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Poly Avalore Rpg Set - Isa Lifeblood Die Hard Dice

Poly Avalore Rpg Set - Isa Lifeblood Die Hard Dice

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The still waters from the Elin’thar Grove’s prismatic lake froze over long ago, protecting powerful magics capable of mending hearts, soothing minds, and strengthening spirits. Every so often a lost adventurer finds refuge in the frozen oasis hidden deep within the mountainside. They are returned to their paths, stronger than ever, with a small token of eternal ice.


• Hand painted in Red

• Lightweight and crystal clear

• Mythica dice corners are softened for beauty, improve rolling, and kindness to tables

• Traditional 7 piece RPG dice set

• Premium sizing using our exclusive Avalore style

• Made of specialized acrylic polymer

RE-INKING WARNING: These dice are not made to be re-inked.

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