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Warcry: Sundered Fate

Warcry: Sundered Fate

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The stone-skinned cultists of the Jade Obelisk are on a mission to deface every statue and eviscerate every still-beating heart in the Gnarlwood, an act of desecration with which the stealthy scaled guardians in the Hunters of Huanchi take umbrage.

This boxed set contains 23 miniatures and a hefty heap of terrain, including creepy Gnarloaks, rope bridges, scattered ruins, palisades, extended platforms and a new hollow refuge. There’s also a double-sided gaming board, the Stealth and Stone warband tome, and Fighter and Ability cards for both warbands, and a set of Battleplan cards for setting up games. You’ll need the Warcry core rules to play – these can be found in the Warcry: Core Book, and are also available to download for free.**

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