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Scarlet Spider Vol 2 Lone Star TP

Scarlet Spider Vol 2 Lone Star TP

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Something terrible is happening in the Gulf of Mexico. When Houston-based mega-corporation ROXXON is attacked after making an astonishing discovery, Scarlet Spider finds himself right in the middle of it...defending ROXXON?!? And when the Southwest's greatest heroes, the Rangers, arrive to take down the Scarlet Spider, our webbed hero goes from Houston's newest hero to Houston's most wanted. But as the mystery deepens, both sides learn what the corporation's greed has brought down upon Houston. Mammon has been unleashed, and Scarlet Spider and the Rangers have no hope of stopping it! Plus: a door has been opened at NASA's Houston facility - and Scarlet Spider's life will never be the same. It's a bold new era of web-spinning excitement in the Mighty Marvel Manner!

COLLECTING: Scarlet Spider 7-9, 12.1, 13-15

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