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Shinkansen Zero-Kei Board Game | Strategy Game

Shinkansen Zero-Kei Board Game | Strategy Game

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  • BUILD A HISTORIC RAILWAY LINE: The Tōkaidō line of the Shinkansen began being built in 1959 with the aim of inaugurating the fastest train of the time, just before the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. In Shinkansen: Zero Kei, players take on the role of its builders. They will take charge of constructing this historic railway line and all its corresponding stations.
  • STRATEGY GAME: Each player will use cards to form their own set of actions, different from those of the other players. Using their own actions and sometimes those of others, the Players will have to advance in the construction of the Tokaido-Shinkansen line while participating in the construction of the different Olympic venues in search of the benefits they bring.
  • NETWORK AND ROUTE BUILDING GAME: Build your own bullet train and add carriage cards to provide you with an action or an ability that will allow you to build tracks and stations, collaborate in the preparation of the Olympic venues and obtain new carriage cards. The carriage cards are associated with cities through which the line passes. Build them in the correct order for victory points.
  • CHALLENGING AND COMPETITIVE: Each player represents one of the companies in charge of the construction of the new high-speed railway. The player who proves themselves to be the most efficient in their role will be declared the winner.
  • NUMBER OF PLAYERS AND AVERAGE PLAYTIME: This exciting train building game is designed for 1 to 4 players and is suitable for ages 12 and older. Average playtime is approximately one hour.

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