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Star Wars Legion: Fleet Troopers Unit Expansion

Star Wars Legion: Fleet Troopers Unit Expansion

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Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the next Unit Expansion for Star Wars™: Legion—the Fleet Troopers Unit Expansion!

From the opening shots of A New Hope, we’re introduced to an ongoing space battle as a massive Star Destroyer closes in on a tiny corvette. The first characters we see within the beleaguered Tantive IV are C-3PO and R2-D2, but only moments later, we witness a squad of troopers dashing down the hallway to defend Leia Organa’s starship against the Imperial boarding party. With this Unit Expansion, you can bring those soldiers’ dedication and readiness for battle to your games of Star Wars: Legion.

The Fleet Troopers Unit Expansion immediately expands the options available to your Rebel armies with seven unpainted, easily assembled Fleet Trooper miniatures. An assortment of upgrade cards lets you customize your Fleet Troopers to match the battles you expect to face. After all, whether you’re battling in the tight corridors of a starship or on a more open battlefield, your Fleet Troopers can make the difference in your fights. Releasing alongside the Leia Organa Commander Expansion, these two expansions promise to shake up Rebel Alliance tactics for Star Wars: Legion.

You can pre-order your copy of the Fleet Troopers Unit Expansion at your local retailer or online through our webstore today! Then, read on for more information about how you can bring the Fleet Troopers out of orbit and into your battles.

Ready for Action

The addition of the Fleet Troopers to your Rebel forces immediately gives you new options when it comes to determining the corps units that will form the core of any army. Whereas Rebel Troopers are well equipped to engaging in battle on a variety of planets, the Fleet Troopers are more specialized in their modes of attack.

Trained for close-quarters combat onboard the naval vessels of the Rebel Alliance, the Fleet Troopers wield their rapid-fire DH-17 blaster pistols with uncommon potency. Although a Rebel Trooper armed with a A-280 blaster rifle may be more accurate, the Fleet Troopers’ DH-17 blaster pistols produce a greater volume of fire, with each weapon firing two white dice in every attack. It’s also important for new commanders to note that DH-17 blaster pistols have a shorter range than the standard-issue blaster rifles used by the Rebel Troopers. This shorter range is immaterial when doing battle in the close confines of a starship, but can play a role on a larger battlefield.

Every Fleet Trooper contributes two white attack dice when firing!

Fleet Troopers are also less accustomed to nimbly diving for cover and dodging enemy fire than the Rebel Troopers included in the Star Wars: Legion Core Set. However, they can perfectly make up for it with their willingness to bide their time and wait for the enemy to come into optimum range. Fleet Troopers carry the Ready 1 ability, which grants them an aim token whenever they perform a standby action. Because the standby action lets a unit hold its action until an enemy unit moves nearby, your Fleet Troopers can wait to move or attack until the perfect opportunity presents itself.

A variety of heavy weapons miniatures can also be added to your squad of Fleet Troopers to supplement your firepower with new and deadly weapons. You may equip a Fleet Trooper with a MPL-57 grenade launcher, perfectly capable of blasting through cover or punching through the armor on an enemy vehicle. Alternatively, you may use scatter guns to quickly inflict massive damage—cutting down enemy troopers with ease.

We’ll take a closer look at these heavy weapons miniatures and every part of the Fleet Troopers Unit Expansion in a future preview!

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