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Star Wars X-Wing: First Order Maneuver Dial Kit

Star Wars X-Wing: First Order Maneuver Dial Kit

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“All remaining systems will bow to the First Order and remember this as the last day of the Republic!”
   –General Hux, Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Rising from the ashes of the Galactic Empire, the First Order stands poised to usher in a new era of galactic dominance. Soon, its starfighters will enter the intense space battles of the Star Wars galaxy. 

For too long, the First Order has been relegated to the far corners of the galaxy. But, with these expansion packs, you can join their fight and destroy those who embrace disorder. Following in the footsteps of the Empire, the First Order spreads terror in the form of mass-produced starfighters designed to overwhelm their opponents with sheer numbers.

In X-Wing Second Edition, the First Order is being introduced as its own unique faction separate from the Galactic Empire. Veteran X-Wing players will be able to use the cards, tokens, and maneuver dials found in the First Order Conversion Kit to bring their existing TIE/fo fighters, TIE/sf fighters, TIE/vn silencers, and Upsilon-class shuttles into X-Wing Second Edition. Meanwhile, veteran players looking to further expand their squadrons or new players prepared to start their own fleet can sow the seeds of terror by adding more of the First Order’s take on the infamous TIE fighter. 


The First Order may be the successor state to the Galactic Empire, but it has an identity wholly its own. You can signal your allegiance to this faction during your games of X-Wing Second Edition with the First Order Maneuver Dial Upgrade Kit.

During every game of X-Wing Second Edition, you will secretly select the maneuvers for your ships on cardboard maneuver dials. In each dial upgrade kit, you’ll find three plastic protectors that situate these maneuver dials in a secure housing while enhancing the aesthetics of your squadron and declaring your devotion to the First Order. Not only does every dial clearly indicate your intention to dominate the galaxy, they also include a space on the back to insert the dial ID tokens included in the First Order Conversion Kit. Each dial ID token displays the silhouette of the corresponding ship, making it even easier to differentiate between your ships' dials.


Once banished to the unknown regions of the galaxy, the First Order is now poised to sweep across the galaxy and build an empire of its own. Join their campaign with these new expansions for X-Wing Second Edition!

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