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The Wild Storm Vol 01 (TP)

The Wild Storm Vol 01 (TP)

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"Warren Ellis is arguably the comic industry's greatest living science-fiction writer.... With its lethal, quippy protagonist, corporate espionage set-up, and well, robots, THE WILD STORM is a fine gateway drug into the Ellis oeuvre." --Paste Magazine

"One of the most exciting superhero projects of this year" --A.V. Club

"In many ways, the Superhero Boom began with Ellis and Wildstorm."

"THE WILD STORM doesn't read like any Wildstorm comic that's come before... it's a sci-fi-flavored espionage book, one that takes a handful of familiar faces, remixes them and generally re-imagines the Wildstorm Universe to suit a more contemporary and jaded audience." --IGN

"The story is just told with scalpel-like precision and that's something of a hallmark for a good Ellis tale." --Newsarama

About the Author

Warren Ellis is a comics and graphic novel writer best known for the graphic novel series TRANSMETROPOLITAN, THE AUTHORITY and PLANETARY. With over 35 graphic novels in print, Ellis has received numerous acclaims, including winner of the International Horror Guild award for graphic narrative and being named one of Entertainment Weekly's 100 Most Creative People. Rolling Stone described his work as, "more influenced by Jesus and Mary Chain than by the JUSTICE LEAGUE, while his characters fight for left-wing agendas over God and country, and kick puppies in the street."

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