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Ultra Pro Arctic Apple Red Cube Deck Box

Ultra Pro Arctic Apple Red Cube Deck Box

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Ultra PRO's Satin Cube Deck Box is compact, secure, and durable. An update of an old favorite, this deck box is made with a hard, durable outer shell. Each Satin Cube is designed to hold up to 100+ standard-sized trading cards (such as Magic or Pokémon) in Ultra PRO Deck Protector sleeves.

The Satin Cube is a scaled-down version of the popular, best-selling Satin Tower minus the dice tray. It stores seamlessly in our Ultra PRO Deluxe gaming cases.

  • Holds 100+ standard size trading cards double-sleeved in Ultra PRO PRO-Fit and Eclipse sleeves
  • Smooth satin finish
  • Proportionally designed with smooth squared edges making for both secure closure and easy opening
  • Highly durable Deck Box to store and protect trading cards
  • Stores seamlessly within Ultra PRO Deluxe Gaming Cases for ease when gaming on-the-go!
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