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Warlock Tiles Town & Village: Town Square

Warlock Tiles Town & Village: Town Square

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With the WarLock™ Tiles: Town and Village: Town Square, the chase is on through the city streets. As the echoing footfalls on cobblestone fade into the night, only the heavy thud of a sewer lid around the corner betrays the location of the runaway thief. Will the adventurers get there in time? Take your players to a whole new level of game play when you add this set to your WarLock Tiles collection. You’ll be creating immersive pursuits and excursions through towns and cities in no time!


• Leap from the curb to the street with multi-level details!

• Lampposts can be added or removed with ease.

• Modular sewers and drains for full customization!

• Connects perfectly with Town and Village sets* for dynamic city layouts.

• Enjoy a variety of street shapes to create crossroads, dead ends, and more!

• Incorporates two styles of highly detailed stonework.

*Additional sets sold separately.


• Cobblestone Street Tiles, (16)

• Flagstone Sidewalk Tiles, (18)

• Half Street Tiles, (16)

• Street Inside Corner Tiles, (8)

• Street Outside Corner Tiles, (4)

• Flagstone Left Turn Tiles, (3)

• Flagstone Right Turn Tiles, (3)

• Cobblestone Left Turn Tiles, (3) 

• Cobblestone Right Turn Tiles, (3) 

• Metal Storm Drain Accesses, (3)

• Metal Storm Drain Lids, (3)

• Metal Sewer Accesses, (3)

• Metal Sewer Lids, (3)

• Iron Grates, (3)

• Flagstone Circle Accents, (3)

• Flagstone Square Accents, (3)

• Lampposts, (3)

• WarLock EZ Clips, (100)

*All tiles are 2x2 inches in measurement.

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