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Woodland Scenics: Underbrush- Forest Blend (Small Bag)

Woodland Scenics: Underbrush- Forest Blend (Small Bag)

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Models medium to high ground cover, such as bushes, shrubs and trees, and is the perfect product for making medium to large trees. 

(18 cubic inch bag) 
One 18 cu in bag covers approximately 1,530 sq in or 10 sq ft

(54 cubic inch bag)
Woodland Scenics® 32 oz Shaker of the material and color shown.

Comes in a reusable, clear plastic bottle with screw-on shaker lid. Two flip-top sections on the lid allow you to shake or spoon the amount of material needed. Blends well with the Woodland Scenics® turf, field grass, and other foliage products. Each shaker contains approximately enough material to cover a 2 foot x 2 foot space 1/64" high, requiring about 6 shakers to cover a standard 4 foot by 6 foot gaming space.

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